In this article you will find the answers to the questions about maple syrup you were so curious to know. All information concerning maple syrup provided here is based on reviews of various sources, as well as examples of marketing announcements made by manufactures in social networks and forums.

So let’s get started! The most important thing we want to focus on is the benefits and nutritional value of the maple syrup. The history of maple syrup making is very interesting, but we will speak about it in another article.

When an American wants to satisfy his sweet tooth he often opts for maple syrup. This sweetener has been widely used in the national American and Canadian cuisine. It is often served with ice-cream, pancakes and waffles. Frequently maple syrup is an ingredient of baked product, vegetable and meat dishes, sauces and desserts. It is used as a natural substitute for sugar in confectionary. Scientists state that this product contains more useful minerals and much less calories than various types of honey do.

At the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Francisco held in March 2010 an Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Navindra Seeram from the University of Rode Island gave a speech about the benefits of maple syrup: «Maple syrup is a unique product that supplies the humans with the warms of the Sun and the curative power of the plant juices.

Even these days maple syrup is produced without the use of chemical components and is a completely natural product, free of additives and preservatives. Maple syrup is rich in calcium, zinс, iron, phosphorus and potassium. It contains all vitamins of B group, including thiamine which is quite rare. It also acts as a natural immunostimulant that enhances potency, reduces the progression of atherosclerosis and decreases the risk of diabetes. Maple syrup contains a number of antioxidants, including polyphenol that helps fight cancer and heart deceases. Maple syrup can be found among products that help lose weight, аs well as in products that are recommended for healthy diet. It is a great аlternative to sugar and jam. But it should be noted that eating too much of maple syrup can cause harm! Syrup contains lots of glucose so it should be used in moderation.

You should be careful when choosing the best maple syrup, as there are many syrups of poor quality available at the market these days. According to the official marking of the Department of Agriculture in the U.S. the quality of maple syrup is based on three key characteristics: color, flavor and concentration. Quality syrup is a semi-transparent or transparent liquid with rich flavor, very dense and sticky. Its consistency is similar to that of fresh honey of amber hues. The lighter the color of the product the more delicate flavor and aroma it has. Maple syrup of dark amber color has the richest flavor, it is harvested at the end of the season.

Make sure you pay attention on the ways of storing maple syrup. When unopened it can be stored at the appropriate temperature for several years. It is usually stored at room temperature as most other hermetically sealed products. After maple syrup has been opened it should be put in a plastic or glass container and stored in the fridge to slow down the process of evaporation. Freezing is another way of storing maple syrup during a long period of time.

People are so grateful to this product that they decided to organize maple syrup festivals. The event is usually held during the harvesting season, and the festivities take place near the plots where maple juice is gathered. During the celebration the traditional dishes with fresh maple syrup added are served. For kids there are caramels and other sweets being made. Also, at the different stages of maple syrup production such products as maple sugar, honey and butter can be produced too.

Here is an interesting fact about maple syrup that takes us back into the past – despite the development of the advanced technologies that made it possible to automate practically all processes in the food industry, the methods of maple juice harvesting and making remained practically the same, and rely mostly on manual labor. Due to this the product possesses really special and unique taste and the dishes served with it get some exclusive charm.

No doubt, this product is very important in our life!