Choosing the Best Maple Syrup and Getting the Most Out Of It

If you are in the store and there are rows of maple syrup bottles, which one do you choose? They can start at $10 each but you do not know which model to buy, as some can be quite more costly than that. There are different labels and descriptions for each bottle and they even made in different states and in Canada.

Here are three things to consider before purchasing a bottle of maple syrup:

Look to see if it's made of real maple syrup.

This is a most obvious tip but check the ingredients to confirm that is 100% pure maple syrup not a flavor or high fructose corn syrup. Sometimes there can be a mix but if you really want to experience the best it's got to be 100% maple syrup and nothing else. For example, Archer Farms offers 100% pure grade A maple syrup with smooth, sweet taste. This excellent quality maple syrup is just great when served with pancakes, waffles or when added to other baked goods.

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Pick a region and experiment.

Most of the maple syrup in the United States is made in one of nine states and most of them are in New England. These nine states include Vermont the number one producer of maple syrup, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Cana especially the Québec region is the major maple syrup producer in Canada.

So one wonders does a state or region have better quality syrup than another? The answer is no. It is similar to wine and the flavor of maple syrup is affected by the regions particular soil, weather conditions entry genetics. Flavors also influenced by producer’s chosen processing method for example if the operation is wood fired, it leads to a more caramelized flavor.

Every state and region produces delicious, high-quality maple syrup all with resulting flavor variations meant to be sampled and enjoyed.

It should be noted that Vermont does produce slightly denser syrup than other states. Vermont requires its syrup to have 66.9% sugar density where others top out at 66%. This is a requirement in a style choice. Vermont makers feel the extra density gives him an advantage in the market because the syrup feels more substantial in the mouth. Vermont can be a good place to start.

Know how you plan to use the syrup.

The last important consideration you should make is understanding what you plan to do with it. Do you want a strong maple flavor or not?

There is a new grading system such as Fancy, Grade A, Grade B when it comes to maple flavor.

For buttermilk pancakes one would choose a golden color with a delicate taste that is now known as Great A or light amber or Grade A Fancy.

If you plan to use maple syrup with a baked good then you will want to try Amber Color with Rich Taste also known as Grade A Medium Amber.

If you are baking Maple Pecan Blondies then you would want darker syrup with a strong maple flavor like Dark with Robust Taste or Grade A Dark Amber or Grade B.

Once you have purchased maple syrup and opened the bottle, make sure it is stored in the refrigerator. Glass bottles are best to store your syrup for two years or more and plastic jugs keeps her fresh in the refrigerator to four months.