Lose Weight with Maple Syrup

Pure Maple Syrup is a low calorie sweetener that has the potential to help ease your diet when trying to lose a few extra pounds. Sourced mainly from Northern regions of the United States and Canada, this delightfully sweet liquid can work wonders to not only sweetener your diet but also maximize your weight loss. Keep in mind that the diet described below should never be taken on when you are either, very busy or overly stressed, as it calls for close attention and monitoring. We recommended utilizing this diet when you only have five pounds or less to lose and have plenty of time to focus on doing so. Maple Syrup is an extremely beneficial component within a diet as it contains a massive amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants like calcium, zinc, magnesium, and potassium. (see also Top 5 Low Calorie Natural Sweeteners)

The Diet

The Pure Maple Syrup Diet is comprised of three phases: the pre diet, the actual diet, and the post diet. You will lose weight fairly quickly on this diet as it is purifying. We recommend only carrying out this diet for a limited time, between seven to ten days.

The first phase of the diet will last for three days. During this time you will be introducing the maple syrup into your diet by placing it on foods you regularly consume such as salads, fruit, bread or soup. The Pure Maple Syrup taste and consistency is extremely close to the taste and consistency of honey, so keep in mind that it is sweet. We recommend avoiding coffee or tea during this time and simply adding the Pure Maple Syrup to a litre of water instead. You should be drinking at least one full litre of water daily. This phase will help your body adjust to the taste and consistency of Pure Maple Syrup and prepare you mentally for the second phase of the diet.

During week one of the second, purifying phase, of the diet you will be consuming the following pure maple syrup mixture solely for the next seven days. You will mix around sixteen tablespoons of Pure Maple Syrup into two litres of water with the juice of four lemons and a pinch of cinnamon for taste. The second phase is considered more of a fasting phase and is massively restricting as you can only drink this mixture with the exception of some herbal teas sparingly.

The third phase of the Pure Maple Syrup diet is the time when you begin to introduce regular foods slowly back into your traditional diet. It is vital that you do not immediately beginning stuffing your face with whatever your heart desires as soon as the second phase of the diet concludes if you want to truly keep the weight off that has been lost during this time. The third step of the phase must be completed for at least three days post drinking solely liquids. This phase consists of reintroducing leafy greens and soups while still consuming the Pure Maple Syrup drink mixture. After the three days have passed you may being eating a full diet of solid foods but it helps to keep these foods within the healthy variety if you desire to keep off the lost weight. Regular exercise in addition to a healthy diet will help keep the lost weight from returning.

Before beginning this highly restrictive diet you should consider the adverse side effects and consequences that can occur when losing weight quickly. Keep in mind that losing weight slowly with consistent diet and exercise is the truly healthy way to losing and keeping off any unwanted weight. Also keep in mind that this diet will only work when needing to lose just a few extra pounds. If you need to lose more than ten pounds, this diet will be cleansing but do not expect to lose all of the unwanted weight currently on your body. It is vital that you always consult with a specialist, nutritionist, or dietitian before beginning any diet or weight loss plan.

*Pregnant, breastfeeding, or diabetic women should refrain from participating in this highly restrictive diet. Never ever exceed ten days when partaking in this diet as you can have negative consequences on this diet as it does not contain enough nutrients for sustainability. If you experience any pains or negative side effects during this time please stop the diet immediately.

Pure Maple Syrup is a great additive when looking to lose weight because it contains a very low caloric value while still maintaining many beneficial ingredients for the body. Pure Maple Syrup has the power to cleanse the body by removing toxins from the intestines and colon to aid in weight removal.