11 Ways to Use Maple Syrup (Other Than Pancakes)

There are more uses than drizzling maple syrup onto a stack of pancakes. One can add syrup to popcorn or to mousse. Here are 11 ways to enjoy maple syrup.

1. Popcorn
One can upgrade popcorn with some maple syrup and smoky bacon.

2. Scones
Add Chia seeds and maple syrup for a fast breakfast pastry.

3. Pie
Pastry chef Jacob Griffin uses maple syrup instead of molasses for a classic Pennsylvania Dutch pie.

4. Cocktails
To change up and Old-Fashioned, add rich flavored dark amber syrup.

5. Roasted vegetables
Drizzle maple syrup over with maple syrup and add pecans and coconut flakes butternut squash before roasting.

6. Fajitas
A classic southern flavor combination of Maple and bourbon works well in chicken fajitas.

7. Soup Add maple sugar or maple syrup to make a sweet and savory pumpkin soup.

8. Snack Mix
Adding maple syrup to a snack mix along with high curry paste as terrific heat.

9. Bread pudding
A savory sweet breakfast bread pudding can be made with sausage and maple syrup on French toast.

10. Granola
Top yogurt with healthy maple syrup and add pecans and coconut flakes.

11. Mousse
You can make an amazing dessert with butternut squash or canned pumpkin. It has amazingly smooth texture and the leftover candied squash can be used as a topping for vanilla ice cream.